Bienchen Trimoran 3.2 and 5.6

The fastest Speedboats from Switzerland

Welcome! We are very pleased when people like you visit our site. Since we are only a small family business and we still name ourselves as crazy inventors, every attention we get for our ideas is a highlight. Therefore, we wish you a good trip to our world in which the impossible is made possible.

Adventures await you, which you thought were not feasible. Adrenaline, which you have never felt. Experience the world of speed and strength with us. Experience the Funboat Bienchen Trimoran.

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Funboat Bienchen Versions

Bienchen 3.2

The Funboat has a new, special hull shape that stands out clearly from the usual trimaran boats. Thanks to three wearing tips, the boat slides extremely flat despite its speed and is therefore a real pleasure for the sporty boat operator.

The Bienchen 3.2 is also mobile without a boat driving license and lets beginners by the clearly simple handling look good. Each boat is a UNICAT!
You create, we realize.

Boats are always sold without a motor since we do not have a representation of an engine brand. We are happy to advise you. Your engine is installed and adjusted by us.


Length: 3.20 m
Width: 1.30 m
Weight without motor: ca. 80 kg
Motorization: up to 25 HP (Bienchen sport up to 50 HP)
Construction type: Trimoran
Material: GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic)
People: 2


Bienchen 5.6

Bienchen is now as well available for the more relaxed adventurer.

The Bienchen Trimoran family has grown! An efficient, family-friendly racing boat that does not follow the little bees in speed. The Trimoran 5.6 is comfortable enough to carry five people comfortably. You can keep your head cool even in hot days thanks to the refrigerator integrated in the boat. The large one of course contains a hatch cabin with a very wide mattress.
For the racing enthusiast, the manufacturers developed a sports edition, which is released up to 400 hp.

Little Bienchen 3.2 it was called “Little but Oho!”, With the large, one can only say “WOW !!”


Length: 5.60 m
Width: 2.05 m
Weight without motor: approx. 600 kg
Motorization: up to 115 HP (Bienchen sport up to 400 HP!)
Construction type: Trimoran
Material: GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic)
People: 5


Bienchen 3.2 + 5.6 trailers

All trailers are specially made for the Bienchen.

All pendants are specially made for the Bienchen.
Exclusively for the Bienchen 3.2 there is a specially made slip-on hanger for comfortable handing-in by hand.


Of course, we also have a trailer for the road transport.