Team Bienchen


Rolf Zurfluh

Constructor and ship builder

I was born in 1960. I spent my school days in Obwalden and Lucerne. Then I finished my apprenticeship as chimney sweep. By the way, I have completed the host school. Then I spent about 17 years with my family. By the way I made polyester construction with 2-4 employees. My most important project was my Albania project. I was the producer of vegetables and the first exporter of agricultural products after the border opening of Albania to Germany and to Switzerland. Approx. 150 people were employed in the fields and the greenhouse. After ten years I had to stop because of the strict regulations of the customs and the Swiss authorities. I was with up to four trucks contract drivers for about 25 years. About 15 years ago I was only a contract driver and made the polyester construction by the way.

The development of the Funboats Bienchen Trimoran 3.2 started because of a Stammtisch discussion. Friends of mine claimed that a small boat with 50 PS neither swim nor can drive with! So I felt challenged and built the Bienchen prototypes. In the meantime the Bees Trimoran is also EU-certified. And it still floats today!

Shortly afterwards, I built a slightly larger model, the Bienchen Trimoran 5.6. This means that up to 5 people can benefit from this pleasure!


Christina Zurfluh

Car Painter EFZ/strong>

I was born in 1997. If I do not sing or do crazy ideas, I build my bees with my father. Since I can not do so much with engines and technical data, I am responsible for the color and creative part. I create the homepage, the Facebook page and look after our Youtube channel. I look for the colors for our bees, design our stands at the fairs, where we are represented,. . .

I love to live creatively in all directions. Therefore, I am now training as a car painter EFZ.

For eight years I played theaters, wrote my own songs, and directed some of them myself. I also danced a few years and made martial arts. However, at a concert I discovered the drums for myself and started jamming on the drumset. In the school choir, I was highly praised for my singing arts, and from then on I sang the soul out of my body